To identify Urban and Rural poor, non-agricultural labourers, educated unemployed youth, agricultural labourers,migrants labourers and the artisans in the Urban and Rural areas.

To render/impart employment andlabour works to the labourers and the artisans by providing sufficient volume of works.

To take steps to provide adequate protection to the identified beneficiaries,groups, families,labourers with legitimate and legal help/activities.

To draw up scheme for the economic improvement of the persons, families groups, identified and the particular to raise the income of the persons


To impart training to all types of labourers such as agricultural labourers, non-agricultural labourers,migrants labourers, Mechanical labourers,so as to improve /train specially in their trade and to enable to employ themselves independently for their independent livelihood.

To draw up plans schemes for enviromental improvement of low income neighbours by providing urban basic services such as drainage, electrification cannals, drinking water , cold storsge, apporoach roads for the poors and labourers living in the slum areasand scattered settlements in the Urban and Rural areas.

To provide free of cost housing facilities to the people below poverty line speially to the idetified poorest women, freed bonded labourers and to the poor S/Ts and S/Cs or to the poor people affected by earthquake and natural calamities for bringing the up into a better livings.

To create local leadership among the rural poor women and children and inspire to become a better mother, good wives and a good citizen of the nation.

To organise conference, seminars, centeneries, workshops, information centres, public awarenes, Arts and Cultureal centres,research centres,library and musiums and other useful units in the field of mental development specially for weaker sections.

To take up developmental works benefitting the people belonging to schedule tribes and schedule caste and the backward classes such as day care centre, aged and short stay homers etc.

To open orphan school, rehabilitation and physiotheraphy centres, Educational institute, public health centres, maternity and child welfare centres, de-addiction centres, chreche centres etc. for better living and upbringings.

To encourage the establishment and expansion of small scale industries such as weaving, knitting, tailoring, embroidery, bee-keeping, computerising, typing, poultry, dairy, designing especially for the poor women and children and the labourer of the area.

To established institute for training cum employment cum production centres poor women and children in the trade especially inweaving,knitting, tailoring, embroidery, garment making, printing, designing,binding, beauty culture, painting drawing,artistand handicrafts etc.

To established gas plants, oil pumps, kerosene depot and to open fair price shops in the rural and backwards areas for the improvement of socio economic coditions of the poor people and backwards classes especially for imparting employment to the women and labourers.

To formulate and implement the developmental works and socio-economic projects for the poor women to meet the realistic needs of the women such as women markets women, women Hostel,boys and girls hostel, women development centre etc.

To provide employment to the rural and urban poor, un-employment and under-employment and agritural labourers through the creation of useful public assets in the low income neighbourhood-viz-roads, pathways, culverts, bridges, water sources, low cost sanitation, community centres/halls playgrounds, marketing centres, electrificatin, community toilets and baths, public parks, chldren parks, bus parking and bus waiting sheds etc.

To render assistance for the development shelter infrastructure in the low income neighbouirhoods and animals for development programme including the development of trade commerce and industries for the benefit of identified beneficiaries.

To purchase , take on lease, accept as gift, construct or otherwise acquire any land or property which may be necessary or useful to the society.

To sell lease, exchange and otherwise transfer any otherwise transfer any portion or properties of the society as and when deem necessary.

To raise loans from the schedule banks and the other financial institutions with or. without the permission of the state Government.

To invest funds or the money entrusted to the society in such security or in such a manner as may, from time to time be determined by the Board of Management and sell or transfer such investments.

To protect the child labour and women labour by counceling, advising, monitering, improving through the media of the organization and also to prove them self- employment so as to bring up in a better way of living in the future by providing adequate facilities.

To protect the wages of the labourers and to increase the accessibility to wages as to improve the quality of life.

To employ directly or indirectly by grants to the other institutions Which propose to further the programmes to be undertaken or supported by the soiety.

To undertake such activities and schemes entrusted by the state government and to do such things as directed by the state-government in this regard.

To raise with the TRYSEM, DWCRA,IAY,PMRY, JRY, and any other financial institutions for obtaining funds and grants whatever possible other then the state govt.

To seek assistnce/grants and take co-operation from the funding agencies, professional bodies, local bodies, planing and development authorities, central and state government,banks,nations, public and private sector organization/ departments for survey, planning and implimentation of the scheme with or without the permission of the state government.

To borrow loan from the government, funding agencies, banks and any other financial institutions within the country and abroad for the acheivement and fulfilment of the objectives of the association by way of mortgage, hypothecation of the property of the association/ council.

To establish Coaching institution, School, Hospital, Dispensary, Mobile Medicare unit and other welfare programme for scheduled Caste/scheduled tribes,O.B.C and Minority etc. To established school, Hostel, Vocational training, Half way Home, and pther welfare programme for disable persons.

To established multi Facility care centre, Old Aged Home, day care Centre,help line unit, Physiotheraphy Clinic, Yoga, Hemeopathy, Mobile Medicare unit sentisation programme for the older persons. To open distitute children home, Helpline, School, Hostel, Vocational training for HIV/AIDS Victims, Home for Women affected to HIV/AIDS,Drugs etc.

To modify the structure to fit the husbandary prectises peculiar to the species. To detect the physical and behevioural change in the mother animal that occur with preqancy.

To improvementof the genetic potential for meat production. To study the reproductive physiology of the livesricks and to improve reproductive efficiency and ensure the livestock animals.

To prevent contact with infected livestock control major disesses,parasiter of animals, Un- nessesary medication, overcrowding in the shed for the welfare of the animals.

To maintain perodical vocational, keeping the shed clean and dry and keep the feed and water uncontaminated and to detect accurate and early diagnosis of diseases, if any from a qualified veterinarian.