1)National Youth Award 2006-2007

Tonjam Gandhi Singh,Secretary of CDPL, Imphal receiveing National Youth Awrads 2006-07 from the Honorable Minister of Youth Affaris and Sports, Mr. Manishankar Aryer,on 13th National Youth Festival,at Chennai.

2) About Tonjam Gandhi Singh, Secretary of CDPL

"Shri Tonjam Gandhi Singh, is an active supporter of Social cause amongs the rural people and organized leadership training programm, management training program and nutrition training program. He organized environment awraness programm on theme of DTT and chemical fertilizer and motivated youths to preserve environment by planting trees. He organized programm to peoples aware against Evil drugs abuse program,AIDS.Apart from this, he also organized social service camp and training cum production center in Embroidery and wool knitting. In recognization of his commendable works Shri, Tonjam Gandhi Singh is awarded the National Youth Awrad for the Year 2006-07."